Big Juice have been juicing since 1999 when they opened their first juice bar in Bristol. They wanted to offer their customers a truly unique experience.  Focused on health, nutrition & wellbeing they promote themselves on the quality of their juices, ingredients & perfected combinations to give you a sensational experience on taste buds & health. In 2008 they opened their online juice bar, delivering their juices nationwide. Frozen with goodness locked in – never heated, no HPP, 100% raw. A real juice bar experience to your door.
Forever being inspired by the medicinal properties of fruit & veg, they wanted to bring these to the bar. In 2009 they created their ‘Juice Therapy Shots‘ menu. Quick down-in-one shots (30ml) of raw pure juice. Like a tequila shot. Not all shots taste as good as their smoothies but the health benefits far outweigh the taste.
When you place an order, they start juicing for you to ensure you receive the best quality and only use fresh ingredients; no syrups or concentrates!
Once  made they are instantly frozen to lock in all the goodness naturally. They do not pasteurise or add any nasty stuff to your juice. Exactly what is listed is what goes in.
They deliver your juices to you frozen in specialised packaging. This is so they can ensure no goodness is lost while in transit. Direct to your door ready for you to unlock the goodness.
Offer. –  Use the code RAWMCKOY15 to receive a 15% discount at checkout when you spend over £50.