Can Cannabis Oil Really Help Epilepsy?

More than half a million people in the UK have epilepsy with over 600 people every week being diagnosed. Finding an effective treatment is difficult to say the least so when Charlotte Caldwell requested cannabis oil for her son Billy after theirs had been confiscated at the airport it led to a huge UK debate and also led to recent changes in UK legislation to legalise the use of cannabis in certain medical situations. The benefits of cannabis and in particular, pure cannabis oil, have been known for centuries.

From cancer to epilepsy, cannabis oil has and continues to produce results that traditional medicines can not replicate. The controversy focuses not on the indisputable benefits it brings to the medicinal process, but the potential hallucinogenic side-effects, which leave it open to abuse.

Below we share the story of Jayden David, an adorable epileptic child, and his journey with epilepsy…..

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 Epileptic Seizures Reduced With Cannabis Oil


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