Diet Can Defeat Diabetes

Okay folks, let’s put to bed the common misconception that the vegan diet is too high in carbohydrates to be safe for diabetics.

There are 4 million diabetics in the UK, 90% of whom have Type 2 diabetes.  And a further 12.3 million are at risk of being diagnosed with it. So, I think you’d agree it would be useful to know the easiest form of prevention and also potential reversal.

With more and more people sharing their life-changing experiences about the vegan diet, there is a surmounting amount of evidence suggesting that plants can help treat many common conditions, more effectively than conventional medicine.

Below we feature an excerpt from one of our favourite documentaries, Forks Over Knifes, in addition to the expert opinion of Heather Nicholls, a qualified vegan nutritionist…

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Conquer Diabetes With A Plant Based Approach

Can You Be Vegan With Diabetes?

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