Do You Know The Side Effects Of Your Medication?

We’re not here to judge whether your medication is doing you more harm than good, but we feel it’s important for you to know that all medication has side effects….many of which you may not be made aware of.

Whilst your medication will say what it does on the packaging, if you were to look closely there may be a few things of concern to you written in smaller, harder to read font.

It’s important to recognise that medication only ever treats the symptoms of your condition and remaining on medication long term creates its own problems. Therefore taking responsibility and seeking out natural alternatives is the philosophy of The Raw McKoy. Learn more about the impact medication can have on your body and state of mind by watching the videos below…

We hope you enjoy them and we encourage you to keep the discussion going with our supportive community by clicking the button below to…

What’s Your Medication Doing To You?

What Else Is Your Medication Doing To Your Body?

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