Do You Like Alcohol? Because Alcohol Definitely Likes You

When you hear someone say, “Yeah, I like a drink every now and again”, you know they are not talking about water. So, if those words come out of your mouth, you know you’re referring to alcohol.

More than likely you can not avoid the daily noise in modern day life, that puts alcohol front stage and centre. Whether it’s on your TV screen, your colleagues inviting you out for a drink or them talking about their latest binges. You just can’t get away from it. You can’t even call alcohol ‘a guilty pleasure’ anymore, as it is ubiquitous.

You don’t have to be an alcoholic to be impacted by something that has become a defining part of our individual and cultural expression. It’s your choice what role alcohol plays in your life… Make sure it’s the right one.

This powerful video brings you face to face with the potential impact of alcohol on non-alcoholics.

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That might be, one drink too many

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