Dr Anne Harris works as an outstanding Nutritionist and has a unique blend of knowledge and practical skills in food related issues. Anne holds a PhD in Nutrition from Warwick University that explored people’s perceptions of food and reason’s for their food behaviour and beliefs.

During this time of research she worked on the Politics of Food and Nutrition module with undergraduate students as a seminar tutor. This politically shaped her understanding of food knowledge, specifically in relation to the food and pharmaceutical industry and strategies used to market usually popular supermarket food that may not necessarily be good for your health.

She gained a Masters in Medical Science in Human Nutrition in 1999 and has worked for over 15 years in local government in conjunction with the NHS as a Public Health Nutritionist. Experience of working in the community across all age ranges and cultures has given her a wealth of experience with people and their food requirements.

She has a Diabetes Care Certificate from Warwick Medical School and was able to work with people who suffer from Diabetes 1 and 2 and help manage their illness through diet and exercise.

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