Elsa is a life-long advocate of healthy living and the planet’s well-being. She’s been creating and developing small batch artisan skin-care for decades.
Influenced by this, Elsa’s eldest daughter Henrietta began making basic deodorant creams from her kitchen cupboards when her own daughter started coming home from school in her pre-teens, well shall we say.…less than fragrant. She was dead set against her rolling/spraying harsh chemicals under her armpits as they’re such a sensitive body area and being so close to her lymph nodes, breasts and heart, need very special care.

For 18 months, they were formulating hundreds of different deodorant recipes, continually adding and subtracting ingredients to make it just right. This process helped them discover first hand why there are so few good working natural deodorants.

They finally created a formulation that is 100% effective, deodorises, leaves no stains, smells amazing and was gentle enough for children to use, while using no synthetics, toxic chemicals or animal by-products.

These deodorants have been rigorously tested by family, friends and sceptics running, hot yoga, sauna, hiking, boot camp, travelling, long days at work, 5-minute texting and so on.

Their mission is to raise the bar of natural personal care products…to a whole new level of wellness and the stuff that really matters to them are…….finding the most effective ingredients on Earth, harnessing the power of fresh organic coconut oil, showing that personal care is a form of self care, that everything you put on your body will be nutrient rich and pure, truth and transparency in personal care labelling, all products are made from the highest quality natural, organic and food grade ingredients and sustainable sourcing from suppliers who care as much about quality as they do.

Their deodorants NEVER contain Aluminium, Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources.

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