Ever Thought About Making Your Own Natural Toothpaste?

Oral hygiene is so important. After all, your mouth is the conduit to the rest of your body… It’s how you get fed! There won’t be many, if any, dentists out there who are going to disagree with that. However, with so much controversy around the negative impact of modern toothpaste, we couldn’t blame you if you don’t know the right brand or type of toothpaste to choose for you and your family.

The problem is that, like most things in modern life we have promoted image over substance. In other words, you are sold on the cosmetics of shiny white teeth over and above, healthy oral practice. Does that mean shiny white teeth aren’t important? Of course not. They are, but not at the cost of slow poisoning your body.

The good news is that there are homemade alternatives that can achieve both of these outcomes, great oral hygiene and shiny white teeth.

Watch the videos below for further instruction should you choose to take the step of making your own natural toothpaste. We recommend you do!

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Natural Toothpaste recipes

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