Even when you hear the word exercise, it can immediately conjure up thoughts of routine , time to fit in and tons of reasons to put off.

You start thinking training shoes and lycra or gyms and park runs, all stuff that you have to be motivated to do, unless you are one of the lucky ones who have already made it habitual.

If you’re in that group that knows you should, but you just can’t take that step to action, believe me you are not alone. So, the question is what do you do about it?

Well first and foremost is to give yourself a tangible reason to exercise, not because you want to lose weight, but because you want to have more energy for your children or grand children, or you want to be more confident in yourself. Something or things that go beyond a metric, things that have an emotional attachment and positive emotional payoffs.

To kick-start the process, it’s a great idea to get yourself an accountability partner or partners. These folks can keep giving you that supportive nudge in those moments—when to be frank—you just don’t feel like it. Forming small buddy groups, where you do things together or check up on each is extremely effective and soon creates the new habits that make life that much sweeter. The other great thing about going down this route, is that other folks have been feeling exactly the same as you, so teaming up really does tick quite a few boxes. 

Some simple tips are:

  • Set yourself short-term but achievable goals and celebrate small victories
  • Mentally prepare yourself with can do attitude
  • Ask for support when your struggling

For your information, one of our Raw McKoy Health Club partners, Touchstone Active, provide daily routines and wellness support for both individuals and groups which are delivered online or to your smart phone. They also conduct health assessments to  give you important information about the current status of your body and set corrective routines accordingly. To find out more click here.

The above information has been prepared for ‘The Raw McKoy’ in goodwill. It is in no way prescriptive and it is your individual responsibility to ascertain what you deem applicable for your personal circumstances.