Hempen Co-operative is a group of motivated and inspired folk dedicated to creating hemp products for the health of people, community, and planet. They believe in the power of hemp to create a sustainable future.

On their farm on the Hardwick Estate, in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, they’ve been growing organic hemp since 2015. Though they’re not currently growing hemp at this site, they’ve been collaborating with other organic farmers since 2016. They’re continuing to cultivate closer relationships with existing and new hemp farmers around the UK, to help them grow and develop, and also source their seed-to-shelf UK organic hemp so they can keep up with the rising demand!

Down on the farm, they lovingly craft the hemp plant into premium hemp and CBD products, for health & well-being, culinary and cosmetic use. Being the first and leading UK-grown certified organic hemp farm, they’re always looking to pioneer new solutions. They believe that growing and producing their own products wherever possible, means they can bring you the highest quality hemp products, with the lowest environmental impact and the greatest transparency.

As well as a co-operative they’re also a not-for-profit, which means they’re driven by their values and not by their wallets. 

They believe in living in harmony with the land and creating sustainable rural livelihoods, and are blessed to exist as a growing community of beautiful people working together towards their shared vision.

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