Holly Paige is passionate about our potential as humans to move into a much happier and more functional state of consciousness. After several years as a nutritionist exploring states of being, researching and experimenting with a raw food nature based lifestyle she founded the site Foodforconsciousness.co.uk as a source of information and inspiration and also to supply nutrient dense and neuro-active foods, herbs and books. They are focused on three areas in terms of getting back on track of our true peak evolutionary potential: nutritional regeneration, mental reactivation and harmonious connection with each other and the Earth.

Food for Consciousness provides and promotes nutritional, educational and inspirational resources that support this potential and a profound sense of wellbeing.

Offer. –  Call Holly Paige on 0117 230 7666 and quote THE RAW MCKOY for a 10% discount on consultations and use code RAWMCKOY10 for 10% discount on EMF Protection products. Cost of 90 min. consultation normally £75 (10% discount when you quote THE RAW MCKOY)