Episode 1 – The habit trap
Steve and Michael talk about your habits. The things you don’t even think about, you just do on autopilot. You surrender to these habits and they perform  a major role in how you relate to the world you live in.

Episode 2 – In the here and now
In this episode Steve and Michael look at what you bring to the present. What are you bringing to your now? What has your attention? The things that distract you, most of the time, needlessly. There’s so much competing for your attention.

Episode 3 – Emotional triggers
Our emotions are in play 24/7, sometimes they are obvious for all to see and sometimes they are hidden, either way these behaviours are triggered and Steve and Michael take a brief look at how and what you can do. 

Episode 4 – Environmental triggers
Last episode we took at look at emotional triggers, this episode Steve and Michael take a good look at environmental triggers and how the spaces we occupy can dictate or steer our actions, unknowingly.

Episode 5 – What’s real to you
Your perspective, perception and proximity to people, events or the everyday dynamics of life have a bigger impact on you than you may realise. Steve and Michael take a look at these 3p’s in this episode.

Episode 6 – Depression or dejection
In the final episode of this series, Steve and Michael explore if depression and dejection are two sides of the same coin or is there a fundamental difference.