Is There Really A Cure For Dementia?

With it being the leading cause of death in the UK amongst women and notably increasing amongst men, a dementia diagnosis is currently made every 3 minutes.

We have long thought that there is no cure, right?

However, with Dementia Action week just around the corner, we feel as though now is better than ever to get to grips with some of the groundbreaking¬† research by Dr Dale Bredesen. In addition, Steve chats with Peter Berry who was diagnosed with the most common form of Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease aged just 50!

Find out just how you can say goodbye to the “long-goodbye” by watching the videos below…

We hope you enjoy them and we¬†encourage you to keep the discussion going with our supportive community by clicking the button below to…

What’s The Reality of Alzheimer’s? Steve Chats To Peter Berry To Find Out!

Is This Really The End Of Alzheimer’s?

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