Keeping Fit When You’re A Carer

As national carer’s week is coming up this month, here at the Raw McKoy we want to make sure you take as good as care of yourself as you do for others. You can do this by following our guidance below…

You probably already know that getting exercise is important, but as a carer I bet it can be a real struggle for you to sometimes find the time and motivation.

If you’ve decided it’s time to get back on the health wagon then let me be the first to tell you friend, you’re already on the right track!

Why exercise is worth the effort:

As a carer, we understand that sometimes you are so busy looking after others that you may forget to take care of yourself. However, we want to make sure that you are in tip top shape to cope with the physical and emotional demands of your line of work and one of the most effective ways to do this is to get physically active.

And as an added bonus, not only does exercise improve your strength and put you in a good mood, it also helps prevent you from putting on any unwanted weight.

Also, exercise can:

Lower your stress levels

Gives you a boost of endorphins to help you get through challenging days (for me, that’s every Monday!)

Gets you energised and alert so you are ready for any surprises thrown your way

Increase your stamina and resilience so you can do the best job possible

Help you build a strong, healthy and robust immune system so you don’t have to take any sick days

UK government guidelines recommends you do at least 180 minutes of physical activity a week, however, we know with your line of work finding the time to do this can prove tricky. If you care for someone we just want you to know that any amount of exercise is better than no exercise!

We want you to start and keep going and so here are our top tips to help kick start your health journey:

A positive mental attitude can work wonders, look at exercise as a fun activity that will really help you as opposed to as a chore

Have a look at your weekly rota and see where you can fit in some exercise

When can you fit in exercise around your job as a carer? Once you’ve identified the times, schedule it in your diary.

Take in to account your budget – Would you pay to exercise, or do you want a to workout for free?

Do you prefer to be social or solitary? If you like to exercise with others and meet new people, perhaps join a gym or sport team.

There are an abundance of other helpful tips but see how you fair incorporating these in to your lifestyle!

…And once you’ve started, keep going!

Stay motivated by exercising with a mate.

Try a variety of different exercises, you are eventually going to find one you love.

Get yourself motivated by setting small, achievable goals.

We want you to know that there are many ways for your to increase your physical activity and you don’t even need to find the time to exercise. Incorporate these in to your lifestyle:

Take the stairs as opposed to the lift or exercise

Park your car a bit further away from your destination

Walk to the next bus stop if you’re early

Stand up rather than sit down when you can

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