If you’re thinking about changing your diet, for whatever reason you might have, to something that is deemed healthier, you may well find yourself totally overwhelmed by conflicting advice. Should you eat fish, reduce or eliminate meat, just go strictly plant-based, it can leave you in a spin.

Hopefully, this simple piece of advice will at least assist you to make a more informed informed decision and it stems from the indisputable old adage ‘You are most definitely, what you eat’ and your body responds accordingly.

The reason that we at the Raw McKoy promote a plant-based diet is because the key to great health is an efficient immune system and that happens when you nourish your body correctly. You see, what your body naturally craves is nutrients and Mother Nature has made sure that is in great supply all around us. If left in its natural state, it replenishes naturally to give us the natural source we need for longer and healthier lives.

Processed foods may taste fantastic—they’re supposed to create that craving—but they are extremely low in nutrients which means you have to eat a lot more to satisfy the body. You effectively choose bulk over goodness. And once you’re on this treadmill it’s hard to get off. The key is to transition from where you are now, to where you need to be.

With this in mind we highly recommended that you get yourself a copy of the ‘Forks Over Knives Plan’ a book by Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD, which is available on Amazon. It is a fabulous way to take your time to make that shift at a pace that suits you.

Additionally, when we began the Raw McKoy we used to bring you some fabulous recipes from our ‘Chef of the month’ posts. If you’d like to access them again, click here. Go on, your body deserves it.

The above information has been prepared for ‘The Raw McKoy’ in goodwill. It is in no way prescriptive and it is your individual responsibility to ascertain what you deem applicable for your personal circumstances.