Between 2005 – 2011 Lisa Wallace suffered with severe health challenges and had several occasions of being misdiagnosed. 

After experiencing Chronic Fatigue, at just 30 years of age she found herself needing assistance to get in and out of bed, to get dressed, go  shopping and to cook as she was unable to do these things on her own.  Lisa had now exhausted all forms of conventional  medical treatments and out of sheer desperation she turned to alternative therapies and discovered renowned Bio Energy therapist Michael O’Doherty.

A 4-day treatment process with Michael O’Doherty was to be the beginning of a life changing journey. During this time Lisa’s health condition was successfully treated and she was so overwhelmed by the whole experience of energy healing that she initially trained in Qigong, then became a certified Body Talik Practitioner before eventually training under the tutelage of Michael O’Doherty to become a Bio Energy therapist herself. 

After giving up her career of over 20 years as an Environmental Officer Lisa now runs a successful practice from her home clinic in West London where she works passionately treating various people with a range of health conditions.

Offer. –  Contact Lisa Wallace on 07963 990 108 or and quote THE RAW MCKOY for a 10% discount on a 4-Day Bio Energy treatment. (60-75min per day) (Normally £300)