Living With Lupus


Your heart, joints, brain, kidneys, lungs and endocrine glands… You name it, Lupus probably affects it.

As Lupus is similar to many other conditions, it can often take patients years to be correctly diagnosed. Once you are, however, you certainly won’t be thrilled to hear about all the side-effects that come along with the medication.

But you don’t need to feel trapped, you do have a choice.

Natural remedies have been proven to manage the symptoms and improve your overall immune system, so what are you waiting for?

Learn how nature’s medicine can help you, or someone you know, suffering with Lupus by watching the videos below:

NB As we follow a plant based lifestyle at The Raw McKoy we would substitute the non plant based suggestions made by Dr. Axe with a plant based alternative.  

We hope you enjoy them and we encourage you to keep the discussion going with our supportive community by clicking the button below to…

Living With Lupus – How I Cured It Naturally?!

The Top Natural Treatments For Lupus:

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