Making Your Own Natural Insect Repellent

As we’re in the midst of summer the days are longer and warmer so we just can’t help but be outside for longer!

Whilst  you are getting a healthy dose of vitamin D, the one thing you need to watch out for would be insect bites.

Just leave your bedroom door open in the evening and see the entire cast of ‘A Bug’s Life’ appear next to your ceiling light!

Whilst conventional insect repellents may be effective, they tend to use a bunch of toxic chemicals and as it is applied directly to your skin, that’s the last thing you would want going inside you.

Check out this simple DIY insect repellent that uses essential oils that will not only protect your from nasty bug bites but also give you some natural tips on what to do if you’ve already been bitten!

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Make your own natural insect repellent the easy and natural way:

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