Medical Thermal Imaging head offices are located near Formby in Liverpool and have been providing Thermography services for over a decade.

They have a skilled team of board-certified Thermologists operating from more than 40 locations nationwide and medical doctors to support you and interpret your images to provide the best possible experience.

They use the most advanced high-resolution Medical Thermal Imaging to ensure they obtain the best possible images and accuracy for interpretation and have been selected as Best Practice Representatives for the Parliamentary Review 2020.

Thermography is adjunctive to other tests and can provide additional information to assist in further health tests

Thermography is also 100% safe, radiation free, compression free, non-contact and suitable for all ages.

Rosa Hughes and her husband Phil became the founders of Medical Thermal Imaging after they discovered that Rosa had a lump in her left breast in 2006 and was introduced to Breast Thermography by a friend.

With the help of her Homeopath husband Phil and a range of natural therapies, Rosa is now healthy and well and is currently the Advanced Clinical Thermographer at Medical Thermal Imaging and spends much of her time interpreting and explaining the results to women who have had Thermography scans.

In 2013 Rosa and Phil Hughes produced a groundbreaking film called ‘The Promise’ which highlights the truth about the routine breast cancer screening programme and reveals many of the dangers.

The Promise has been awarded ‘The Best Scientific and Educational Film at the London International Film Makers Festival for World Cinema’.

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