What is Naked Biotics?
Naked Biotics is a blend of live, fermented bacteria, brewed specially with botanicals including Rose Hip to help maintain the normal function of the gut, so you can feel good and glow from the inside out.

Unlike regular freeze-dried tablets, Naked Biotics exist in live liquid form; each bottle contains 12 strains and three species of bacteria that are able to reach your digestive system alive. We add specially selected herbs too, so every single dose is bursting with goodness.

After fermenting at body temperature for 21 days using our NBTP (naked body temperature process), the bacteria in Naked Biotics are strong, adaptable and ready to restore natural harmony. Naked Biotics is vegan, natural and raw.

Our mission is to help you listen to your body and reconnect with nature, because we believe life in its raw form is powerful.

Why Naked Biotics?
Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach or knots in your tummy? These gut feelings give us a glimpse into just how important the digestive system is to our overall health and wellbeing.

Billions of bacteria, nerve cells and mood inducing chemicals, such as serotonin, are based in the gut; it’s also home to roughly 80% of the immune system. Pretty amazing right? However, modern lifestyles can disrupt this natural harmony, and prevent you from feeling your best.

Naked Biotics is designed to support your body from the inside out.

At Naked Biotics we harness the power of science and nature to deliver you a daily dose of raw life; enabling you to function at your full potential.

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