Pat Reeves was diagnosed with terminal osteosarcoma (bone cancer) over 30 years ago and made the decision to fight it with all the energy and passion she could muster. Not content with orthodox medicine she researched natural alternatives, battling the conventional ‘wisdom’ of her doctors.

Using her new found knowledge, she became a practitioner of nutritional and functional medicine and has applied naturopathic techniques to enable her to live, practice, function, view every moment of life with phenomenal passion, win marathons, triathlons and currently retain the World Dead-lift record in her age/weight category.

Has she cured herself? The simple answer is no if viewed through the eyes of conventional medicine. However, her approach allows Pat to remain in remission, run a UK/Worldwide practice, become the author of the book ‘A Living Miracle’, train daily and continue to compete.

Now in her mid-seventies, she still looks at least ten years younger than many of her contemporaries.

Pat has documented years of research and her own personal experience to help support you through your health journey at a cellular level using natural therapies. Her knowledge along with her passionate and authentic approach makes her one of the most widely respected practitioners in the UK.

Offer    Contact Pat Reeves at Pat@foodalive or on 01384 270 270 to receive a 15% discount on a 1hr consultation including a copy of Pat’s book ‘A Living Miracle. £72 (normally £85)