Patricia qualified as a Medical Herbalist from the University of Westminster in 2004.

Her area of interest is the wonderful complexity of our immune system.  She is committed to helping clients adopt effective habits to allow their immunity to function at its best, particularly in these challenging times. She helps clients identify the cause(s) of their poor immunity and develops protocols and strategies that build resilience and resistance. 

The constant surveillance our immune system undertakes on our behalf requires vast amounts of energy.  Therefore, sleep deficit and stress are two major factors that rob us of energy, causing major problems with immunity.   Stress shuts down the immune system in order to conserve energy, as it moves into survival mode. Several beneficial “updates” to our system take place only during sleep. Therefore, poor sleep patterns can have a profoundly negative effect on our immunity.

Patricia uses herbs called adaptogens and tonics that promote the protection, rejuvenation, stamina and vitality that we need as individuals to support the work of the immune system and build the energy reserves we need. Patricia can help in cases of compromised immunity often experienced as frequent bouts of cold, ‘flu and other infections. 

Patricia uses protocols to build the foundation of immune competence for people with poor immunity, experiencing frequent bouts of colds, flu and other infections, and also the elder generation with increasing immune deficiency.

Offer  – Contact Patricia on 0845 468 0823 and quote THE RAW MCKOY to receive a 20% discount on a package of 3 x 45min-60min consultations and 3 months supply of supplements/tinctures. (Normally £375)