In her 20 years as an oncology nurse, Cancer Options founder Patricia Peat saw thousands of cancer patients struggle with difficult emotions: shock, fear, anxiety, grief, trepidation, uncertainty.

But for many people, the worst feeling was of not being in control – of their treatment, their future, their health outcomes.

Also of not being listened to when they wanted to find ways to help themselves, “the sense of disempowerment was palpable”

Patricia recognised that what people needed was access to quality, up-to-date information and research about all the latest and best approaches to the treatment and management of their illness so they could take charge of their cancer decisions – and reclaim their health choices for themselves. 

So in 2000 she founded Cancer Options to provide them with access to this information and research, and to coaching and consultancy services designed to ensure they get all they need.

And the results have been profound: thousands of client who have been supported on their journeys to finding the right support to deal physically and emotionally with the challenges and change that cancer can bring, not just for them but for those around them.

The research base behind integrative medicine is growing so fast it is becoming a speciality in its own right around the world, in England sadly we still lag behind in adopting new methods.

Patricia, has become a renowned and entertaining lecturer on this research and remains passionate about encouraging the safe integration of complementary therapies with the best orthodox ones. 

It’s this passion that drove her to establish Cancer Options and today it still drives her to continue to develop it as a renowned service at the forefront of cancer treatment developments.

Patricia Peat Dip Pall C Dip UTR

She is a visiting lecturer for the Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management CNELM in partnership with Middlesex University London,

Visiting lecturer for the Institute for Optimum Nutrition,

Medical advisor to the Yes to Life and Holly Eatwell Charities

Co-author of the Frontier Guide to Medicine with Professor Karol Sikora

and publisher of several articles and interviews including those listed below.

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