Prime Fifty are the ONLY brand in the UK exclusively dedicated to the nutritional and wellbeing needs of the over 50’s.

Ageing brings new and different nutritional challenges, and Prime Fifty has created a whole range of products specifically designed to meet these unique needs to help keep you active and feeling younger for longer. 

Based on a huge number of diet and nutritional studies from across the world, they have carefully put together a range of products, and formulated each to support a key function associated with staying active. Each product contains only the ingredients that they have found to be the most effective and reliable, and in the most beneficial quantities according to our research. 

Furthermore, they have enhanced their high-quality vitamins and minerals with ingredients that actually improve absorption, ensuring that your body is able to make the most of the exceptional Prime Fifty product formulations. And because quality is such an important part of what they do, all their products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the UK. 

They want to encourage everyone in their later years to stay active and healthy and, combined with a good diet, the Prime Fifty range of products can help you achieve this. Their focus therefore is to make it easier for people to stay active or get more active, so they can feel younger for longer.

Prime Fifty offers you three pieces of help: 

A range of nutritional supplements specially formulated for the unique needs of the over 50’s

Nutritional advice and support to allow you to make better informed decisions regarding your day to day nutrition

Ideas and motivation to help you understand the huge benefits from keeping active combined with exercise tips.

Prime Fifty is the only brand 100% dedicated to the needs of the over 50’s. In creating their product range they have studied numerous diet and nutrition studies across the world in which a range of nutritional deficiencies were found. These included various vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients that were found in people’s diets to be less than the recommended daily intakes. 

They also studied a number of acclaimed scientific publications including learned reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Tufts University, Boston, Linus Pauling Institute in the Oregon State University and many more. These studies showed that certain nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and others could benefit seniors if taken at higher levels (called ‘optimal’ intakes) as they are often poorly absorbed by seniors. And because they understand that as we age, digestion is poorer and absorption of some nutrients is less efficient, they have also enhanced all their products with highly absorbable mineral nutrients, making digestion that bit more effective. They have also added ingredients that actually enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals, thereby making the most of the product formulations from Prime Fifty.

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