Rebound Fitness have spent more than 15 years perfecting the design and manufacture process of their Rebounders. Providing a consistently perfect low impact bounce their rebounders are built to the highest specifications.

Rebounding emerged nearly 50 years ago and search into rebounding has proven the many health benefits of this form of exercise, including; burning 100s of calories, greatly reducing body fat, very effectively stimulating lymphatic drainage, improving the immune system, improving and correcting posture, strengthening the core, toning and strengthening muscles and tightening the skin improving skin tone.

Unlike trampolining where the aim is to put as much distance between your feet and the trampoline’s surface in slow jumping movements, while Rebounding, the emphasis is a higher tempo movement of the lower body as well as the downward push through the balls of the feet staying close to the jumping area. Constantly working against gravity, your exercise body weight can become up to 3 times heavier than normal at the bottom of the bounce due to the increase in G-forces – sending your calorie burn through the roof!

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