You probably hear the word banded around a lot, but what does ‘healing’ truly mean. Or, more importantly what is it supposed to deliver in its many guises.

Healing in its simplest form, is the journey to cure and recovery. It differs from treatment, which masks and defers the main ailment. In short, treatment suspends, whilst healing gets rid of.

The earliest forms of healing were inextricably linked to both physical and spiritual practices as the holistic wellbeing of the subject was the ultimate goal. Healing operates on the premise that everything is returned to its natural state of peace. And that means the mind, body and soul. It requires your commitment in all three dimensions. When this happens, healing occurs. If you think about it, it makes total sense as true balance is achieved and a strong feeling of wellness experienced. Your frame of mind really does accelerate the healing process.

Next time, you feel any kind of illness or imbalance, don’t just focus on the physical dimension—which is our norm—instead also engage your spirit and your will to wellness. Replace anxiety with calm. Don’t focus on the pain, focus on the healing process. At first, this may not come naturally and you may need the assistance of a naturopath , holistic practitioner or an elder. Whatever route you choose, make healing a practice that brings your whole body back into harmony.

The above information has been prepared for ‘The Raw McKoy’ in goodwill. It is in no way prescriptive and it is your individual responsibility to ascertain what you deem applicable for your personal circumstances.