The Amazing Power Of Pilates

A lot of your friends are probably doing it already, but should you? In the article below you can find out for yourself the power of pilates. Also, there’s a great beginners workout video so you can try it out for yourself!

What do Andy Murray, Madonna and Russell Brand all have in common?

They all do Pilates.

Whenever you hear the word ‘Pilates’ you probably think of something along the lines of a ‘core workout’, but I want to tell you that Pilates is so much more!

If you go to a Pilates class not only will you get physically stronger, but you’ll be surprised by the mental benefits you can get. Just like Yoga, Pilates focuses on breathing, balance and being mindful of your body’s movements, all of which result in an improvement of your sensory awareness. Having a better sensory awareness has been known to make you feel more relaxed, better your mood and get rid of any pent up stress.

If your day to day life ever leaves you overworked, anxious and overwhelmed then you could really benefit from incorporating a Pilates class into your weekly routine.

Does your posture resemble the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Technology has created a generation of back pain, so chances are you probably know someone who resembles the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Do you think you spend too much time looking down at your phone or sitting at your computer? Don’t worry if you do as you are not alone, but just be wary that the more time you spend in these unnatural positions, the more susceptible you will be to injuries which can be a real ‘pain in the neck!’.

What’s good to know is that Pilates strengthens your postural muscles that will ease the pain and allow you to sit or stand confidently tall throughout the day.

‘Pilates is just for girls right??’

Whilst Pilates targets the muscles that are key for child bearing (lower abdominal and pelvic muscles) and doesn’t involve lifting heavy iron dumbbells, don’t be fooled into thinking Pilates is a ‘women’s only’ activity. In actual fact, Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates and is often used by many top athletes (such as yours truly) to complement weight training and cardio. If you want to improve your core strength, flexibility and function then you could definitely benefit from trying out a few Pilates classes!

Pilates has never been more accessible!

Whenever you walk down the high street I’d bet good money that there’s a gym or fitness studio where you can try out a Pilates class. Classes have never been more accessible to get to and you don’t have to be a ‘hard-core’ athlete to give it a go, you can be a complete beginner and adjust the exercises to fit your physical ability.

I first went to Pilates to help with my rehabilitation from an injury and was surprised by how much fun I was having. I believe that no matter what your background is, whether you are a runner, desk worker or a woman who’s just given birth, Pilates is an awesome alternative workout that will do you no harm in trying out!

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No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners

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