Unbelievably, the 1939 Cancer Act is still in place today….

Alternative cancer treatments are restricted… Is that right?

Medical treatments and technology have come a long way since the 1930’s. And whilst there are vaccines and cures for a myriad of illnesses; Why is a law that was made in the 1930’s restricting you of potentially life-saving treatment when it comes to the big C?

If you haven’t heard of the 1939 UK Cancer Act, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The law was created to prevent what could be deemed as misleading claims relating to remedies or cures for Cancer. And for good reason. As many ‘charlatans’ and ‘snake-oil’ sellers emerged, trying to make a quick dollar with their fraudulent cures.

Back in the 30’s the UK was on the brink of war. This understandably pre-occupied the government of the day and stretched its resources. In turn, this resulted in minimal research for new cancer treatments during this period —chemotherapy was at least 10 years away—.  This meant that those diagnosed with cancer received, little to no attention. All they had to look forward to was a much shorter life.

Why eighty years on is an Act of Parliament that was in created in 1939, still in place today?

The truth is, Cancer remains a highly emotional subject within the medical profession, with no clear direction or universally accepted solutions. This position therefore exaggerates their downplaying of alternative strategies as viable options. Leading us to an environment that is regulated and controlled, by those who claim they know what is good for us.

The Act prohibits advertisements or promotional activity suggesting alternative strategies that are not ratified via the medical profession and therefore deemed illegal. This in turn means, there is a noose around the information that you or anybody seeking alternative remedies can be given. Whilst the Act does a needed job of protecting you from all the pseudo-science that undoubtedly exists; How are you to find out what alternatives there are to those offered by traditional medicine, in particular surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

The National Health Service (NHS) is an amazing service, that we all benefit from. However, it is severely overstretched. With an increasing number of people—one in three, so potentially you, me or your neighbour—at risk of contracting Cancer. The increase in expensive and often in-effective treatments, you would think would point Public Health England to undertake an urgent search for alternatives. If only that were true.

It’s sad to say, that the vast majority of medical professionals—those trained from within the system—follow the modus operandi of treatment rather than cure.

This puts them under enormous pressure to explore the suggested treatments put forward by their colleagues who work in parallel in the pharmaceutical industry. These two extremely powerful entities are the gatekeepers for what we all recognise as conventional healthcare. Their propensity is to follow the path that has been travelled by their peers, seeking answers in labs as opposed to nature.

Thankfully, there are some practicing Oncologists who do recognise that alternative and complementary treatments can be immensely beneficial. They have witnessed alternative strategies that have proved successful, where conventional medicine has failed. However, these alternatives have not been officially sanctioned, so even though they work, they can not be recommended.

So it begs the question, is the 1939 Cancer Act still fit for purpose?
The Act needs to be brought into the 21st century enabling you to explore more options that you deem viable, based on proven success stories.

There are some amazing stories out there that put nature at the centre of the healing process. These stories are far from advertisements. They are testimonials of homeopathic treatments that have been practiced as long as there have been human beings on this planet. Science is relatively young, may be three to four hundred years old. Nature is where it all begun.

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