Perception, perspectives and proximity

Do you ever standstill and question yourself, as to why you do the things you do? Why in certain circumstances you get stressed, whilst others stay calm or vice versa?

The fact is, you are an individual and no one else has lived in your body, they may have got close, but that’s it. However, you will probably be in the habit of letting people, events and situations get into your mind and when you do that, they can stay for a very long time, in the vast majority of cases, forever.

You see, you’re constantly making decisions, evaluating situations, conversations, taking actions whether provoked or unprovoked. All of these these natural dynamics will unwittingly be informed by your 3p’s, which are:

  • Your perspective – your point of view (established position)
  • Your perception – your interpretation usually formed from perspective
  • Your proximity – the closeness to the person, subject or event

These 3 extremely powerful dynamics are constantly in play and are underpinned by your beliefs.

This is a fascinating personal dynamic and is the subject of our podcast, What’s Real To you’ episode 5 of the ‘It’s all in your head, Mind Health series. Grab a listen, on our podcast homepage by clicking here.

The above information has been prepared for ‘The Raw McKoy’ in goodwill. It is in no way prescriptive and it is your individual responsibility to ascertain what you deem applicable for your personal circumstances.