You Thought About Stretching With A Stick?

Stick or pole stretching is something that absolutely everyone can do and that includes you!

What’s more! It only requires a broomstick or PVC pipe which will produce some outstanding results such as, pain relief, increased energy, better posture, the list goes on.

If you do a youtube search using the term ‘stick exercises’ you will see the many variations. Originally practiced in China with bamboo, stick exercises have several formats, some aligned with tai chi and yoga type practices and others straight forward exercise.

The 2 videos we have chosen to share with you today introduce you to both varieties of experience. The first focuses on more gentle movements, whilst the second falls more into the category of exercise. We encourage you to search out more examples on youtube and find the method that suits you best… you will not regret it!

We hope you enjoy them and we encourage you to keep the discussion going with our supportive community by clicking the button below to…

Longevity stick stretching…

PVC pole stretches for added mobility 

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